5 Tips for Surviving Finals

(Image Credit: voyagerix)

(Image Credit: voyagerix)

Once you get back from your very relaxing and fulfilling Thanksgiving break, you have about two weeks left before Christmas break. And those two weeks are not business as usual for anyone. Those two weeks are a living hell known as finals. Here are just a few tips that may or may not help you survive and get over the stress.



There’s no shame in it. Once you get back from doing absolutely nothing during Thanksgiving break and realize how much work you have cut out for you for the rest of the semester, there’s only one thing to do. Break down and let out the stress. It’ll help, I promise.



Sleep deprivation is probably the number one cause of breakdowns among college students. Naps are the best way to combat that stress. If you stay up until 2 or 3am studying for that bio final, be sure to take a nap some time the next day. Maybe after you’ve had a good cry, you can take a great nap.



What better way to perk up after you take a nap? Head to your local coffee place and buckle down and write that essay. Or invest in a coffee maker or Keurig and make your own caffeine at home. If you’re not a coffee person, tea is a great alternative.


Block studying

Rather than cramming for an exam the night before, it has been proven that studying in blocks over the course of a week or two is a lot more beneficial. Even studying every day for 30 minutes to an hour can help you become more comfortable with the material you’re studying. Besides, this system of studying will help you avoid that overwhelming stressful panic.



This may seem counterproductive but it’s actually a really good reward system. If you study for an hour, watch a 30 minute TV episode as a reward. But be careful because 30 minutes can easily turn into a season binge session. So exert some self-control and use this time to relax, but after one episode, be sure to hit the books again!


Everyone has their way of coping with stress, but these are just a few tips to try and get through the hellish weeks. Eat well, drink water, sleep enough and do whatever it takes to take care of yourself. Godspeed my friends; we’ll get through this.

School Desks (Image Credit: DCJohn)

What drives us apart? Thoughts on Diversity in Public Schools

School Desks (Image Credit: DCJohn)

School Desks (Image Credit: DCJohn)

I was lucky to attend one of the most diverse public high schools in the country. On paper, anyway. But the actual experience was not what I expected. I was shocked to see the way the students segregated themselves. Passing through the entrance to my school was like stepping into a completely different decade. If you asked me to, I could actually compose a map of all the different ethnic territories on our campus. Ironically, the hallways of my high school were adorned with words like ‘Empathy,’ ‘Compassion,’ ‘Acceptance’ and ‘Respect,’ although these were the very qualities our school was desperately lacking. Witnessing such an extreme degree of self-inflicted segregation always made me wonder what drives us apart. Why do we separate ourselves from people just because we’re different? Why are we so set on sustaining these divides? We need to find effective ways of embracing and accepting each other’s differences instead of distancing ourselves because of them. Continue reading