Crush Collection by Wet Seal (Image Credit: Wet Seal)

Wet Seal introduces ABC Family inspired ‘Crush’ collection

Crush Collection by Wet Seal (Image Credit: Wet Seal)

Crush Collection by Wet Seal (Image Credit: Wet Seal)

Have you ever been watching your favorite television shows and said to yourself, “Wow, I’d love to have that person’s style! It’s amazing!” Well, now you can thanks to Disney Consumer Products, Wet Seal and ABC Family.

On Nov. 3, Wet Seal debuted Crush, a clothing line that brings the styles of some of your favorite ABC Family characters to your closet. This collaboration is the first of it’s kind for Wet Seal, and it aims to make trendy, fashion forward clothes accessible to the average person.
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The 9 Ideal Coats for this Winter by Kelsey Murray of Tickle Me Pink

Untitled #112

As the temperatures drop it is time to start thinking about pulling out your outerwear. I am not talking about the lightweight fall jacket you’ve probably been rocking, I am talking about the down comforter type jacket that will keep you oh-so-warm when the snow flurries come down! And while it is important to have that one go -to coat for the freezing cold months it may be smart to invest in a few solid pieces in order to ensure you are rocking the right outerwear for the proper events you will be attending. Continue reading

Trendy iPad Cases to Fit Your Personality

iPad Cases

The last time I went to Disney World, a funny thing happened: instead of pulling out tiny digital cameras and itty-bitty camera phones, tourists could be seen whipping out not-so-little iPads to take pictures of Cinderella’s Castle. The first thought I had about this was, “Stop blocking my view with that big ol’ thing!”  What this really made me realize, though, is that iPads have become an integral piece of technology, just like digital cameras and cell phones.

With the iPad now a go-to device in regular life, it can be fun to slip them into cases to fit our personalities. Here are a few ideas for those who want to make sure their iPad cases a reflection of themselves. Continue reading

Five Must Have Fashion Trends For Fall 2013

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I can already feel the weather changing from scorching, humid temperatures to blissful, 70-degree sunny days. Those are the days where it’s perfectly acceptable to curl up in your favorite hammock with a comfy sweater and soft throw blanket to read your new book whilst sipping chamomile tea. Can you picture it now? I can.
Although your wardrobe changes throughout the fall months it is time to start paying attention to the trends that have strolled down the runways. Although there are a few trends that seem to pop up every fall, there is always a slight change here and there to make it ‘new’ again. We have pulled together the top five trends to ‘fall’ in love with this upcoming season:

1. Statement Outerwear

Royal Purple ‘Sollel’ Ted Baker Peplum Jacket

When it comes to cold weather you can never skip a jacket or coat. So why can’t it be as fabulous as the outfit you wear? Better yet, couldn’t your outerwear be a major statement on its own? The runways were infiltrated with structured pieces, tailored pea coats and patterned frock coats. Whether you work in a corporate office or are busy running around all day, a statement jacket can transform a bleak, neutral outfit into a sensational look.

2. Feeling Bruised: Black & Blue

Michael Kors ‘Selma’ Large Top Zip Satchel

An unlikely color combination yet an extremely attractive one. Whether it is cobalt and black or navy and black the color scheme is uncommon. Rarely do the two colors coincide and rarely do people know how to pair them. The designers certainly did. Michael Kors Fall Runway 2013 is dominated in the blue/black hues making for incredibly powerful, assertive, business attire. Satchels, purses, side bags and clutches are rocking the two-toned, color-blocking trend this season and the bruised variation is a popular one.

3. Classic Booties

Joie ‘Dalton’ Booties

Just as necessary as jackets are for fall, so too are boots and booties of all shapes, colors and sizes. I am so in love with these suede Joie beige booties. Sometimes a bootie can create an unflattering line between the end of a women’s leg and the start of her foot. These booties solve that issue. Their shape is flattering for every shape and size and elongates a leg rather than stunting it. Plus how chic would those look with a pair of dark wash skinny jeans and a comfortable knit sweater? Swoon.

4. Jewel Tone Skinnies

MIH Jeans in ‘Breathless Emerald’

Before navy and black made a statement this season, jewel tones were popping up like wildflowers in magazines and online. The classic jewel tones include a variety of shades from emerald to teal, burgundy to maroon, sapphire to navy and everything in between. This year, however, the colors aren’t just found in bags or on blouses. Skinny jeans are transforming from popping spring colors to demure jewel tones. They are the perfect statement pieces to pair neutrals around. These MIH Emerald skinny jeans would go perfectly with shades of brown and tan (even the Joie booties)!

5. Leather

TOPSHOP Tail Leather A – Line Skirt

Leather, yes I know, leather is an oldie but it’s a goody! No, I am not talking about the classic 90’s leather pointed boot or the 2012 black peplum leather top from ASOS that everyone seems to have. I am talking about leather skirts! Don’t think trashy, though, think classy. In order to make a leather skirt classy you have to consider the shape, tailor and outline of it. An A-line leather skirt like this TOPSHOP one is uber chic this season. Consider pairing it with a navy turtleneck or cobalt bow blouse. Add some dark tights and tall boots to keep it casually polished. It may seem like a risk but it should be one you are willing to take.


Floppy Hat (Image Credit: Dmitriy Shironosov)

5 Expired Fashion Trends I Wish Were Still In Style…

Floppy Hat (Image Credit: Dmitriy Shironosov)

Floppy Hat (Image Credit: Dmitriy Shironosov)

Over the centuries, fashion has fluctuated drastically. Many trends have come and gone, making their way out of our wardrobes and becoming the stuff of stale, musty secondhand stores, where they hang alongside itchy, moth-eaten, disheveled sweaters.

It’s a shame to leave such precious little treasures tucked away in cemeteries of extinct and dying trends, where they’ve been labeled either tacky or outdated simply by association. So, next time you’re scavenging the aisles of Goodwill or Savers, I’ve compiled, if you will, a treasure hunt, consisting of five fashion items I think should come out of hiding.

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Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen Turned 27… And 5 Other Things That Make Us Feel Old

Ashley and Mary Kate Olsen (Image Credit: David Shankbone)

Ashley and Mary Kate Olsen (Image Credit: David Shankbone)

Mary Kate & Ashley Olson, the adorable twins that we watched grow up on Full House, turned 27 on June 13th. Gone are the days when we used to watch them in the Halloween thriller Double, Double Toil and Trouble or laugh along as they switched places in It Takes Two. These days the New York- based moguls are growing their many clothing lines and taking over the fashion scene. I miss the days when we traveled the world with them in Passport to Paris or Holiday in the Sun. Want to feel even older? Continue reading

Why Lisa Frank Was the Be All End All of Cool!

Mila Kunis Lisa Frank Ad / Lisa Frank Art (Image Credit: Lisa Frank)

Mila Kunis Lisa Frank Ad / Lisa Frank Art (Image Credit: Lisa Frank)

When you think of style, innovation, and matching rainbow desk supplies there is only one name to turn to: Lisa Frank. The youth of the 80’s and 90’s wouldn’t be caught dead without folders, writing utensils, and backpacks covered in unicorns. Lisa Frank provided color and creativity in the classroom, not to mention a status symbol. School supplies were suddenly treated like gold. A sticker set filled with kittens, tigers, and bears would guarantee a sleuth of new friends. Continue reading