Would you want to see a ‘Pitch Perfect’ sequel?

(Image Credit: Universal Pictures)

(Image Credit: Universal Pictures)

According to a recent Movieweb article, a Pitch Perfect sequel is in the works! Skylar Astin, who played Jesse in the first film, told Movieweb that he and co-star Rebel Wilson are currently in talks with representatives from Universal regarding the development of the sequel, but did not have much more information to share at this point. As funny as I found Pitch Perfect to be, I’m a bit surprised Universal is considering a sequel for two reasons: one is that the first film was not a huge box office money maker and two being that sequels to these kinds of films often make even less (consider the Mean Girls or Bring It On sequels).

However, Pitch Perfect has begun to develop a cult like following with much being made of the film’s sharp and relatable humor (as well a Rebel Wilson’s wonderful comedic timing and Anna Kendrick’s surprisingly good singing voice; if you haven’t seen the clip of her singing live with a cup on Letterman, you’re missing out!). Universal might just be banking on that cult following to keep fans coming back for more installments of a capella goodness, with or without Astin, Kendrick, Wilson, and the rest of the film’s stars.

I, for one, would definitely check out a Pitch Perfect sequel as long as some of the original cast is involved. I enjoyed the first film enough that I would like to see more of the original characters, but if it was a total recast, I don’t know how enthusiastic I would be. Would you want to see a Pitch Perfect sequel? Let us know in the comments!

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