Keegan Connor Tracy

An Interview with Keegan Connor Tracy of ‘Bates Motel’ and ‘Once Upon a Time’

Keegan Connor Tracy

Keegan Connor Tracy (Image Credit: Brice Ferre)

In anticipation of the new Hitchcock inspired A&E series, Bates Motel, The Daily Quirk got the opportunity to interview Keegan Connor Tracy who plays Ms. Watson in the new show.  Perhaps best known for her role as ill-fated Kat Jennings in Final Destination 2, Keegan Connor Tracy has been all over Television and film since 1998 with her most recent role being the Blue Fairy in ABC’s Once Upon a Time.  Lucky for us, she took time out of her busy shooting schedule for Bates Motel to answer a few questions for our readers.

 Keegan Connor Tracy as the Blue Fairy in ONCE UPON A TIME

Keegan Connor Tracy as the Blue Fairy in ONCE UPON A TIME (Image Credit: ABC)

The Daily Quirk: You have quite a filmography, the two most recent projects being Once Upon a Time and Bates Motel – in OUAT you play the Blue Fairy, whose magic has helped save the day quite a few times now. What attracted you to the role?

Keegan Connor Tracy: Who wouldn’t want to play a flying, frilly magical fairy who grants wishes all over the place?

TDQ: In Season one, you not only played the Blue Fairy, but also her Storybrooke “identity” of Mother Superior. Was it difficult playing the two different versions of your character?

KCT: No, it’s no different from acting in any other way, say a day when you have a happy then a tragic scene. Just prep and play.

TDQ: In your scenes as the Blue Fairy, do you have to do a lot of special effects/CGI shooting? What is that like?

KCT: Blue is always shot hanging from a rig on green screen. I’ve come to enjoy flying, although the harness can get painful in long stretches. My biggest challenge is that I don’t always get to play the scenes with the other actors. Sometimes it’s just a piece of tape!

TDQ: Has there been any scene for One Upon a Time that stands out as particularly fun to shot?

KCT: I loved flying down from the ceiling for the “Fairies Attack!!” Scene.

TDQ: What is it like going from an ABC Disney fairy tale show to a Psycho prequel drama series? That seems like is a huge change in creative direction.

KCT: Certainly those two shows are tonally on opposite ends of the spectrum. It has been a wonderful thing as an actor to skate back and forth between these two disparate shows. And Miss Watson was a great role with lots to bite off. I really enjoyed that challenge.

Norman Bates and Keegan Connor Tracy as Miss Watson in BATES MOTEL (Image Credit: Joe LedererCopyright 2011)

Norman Bates and Keegan Connor Tracy as Miss Watson in BATES MOTEL (Image Credit: Joe Lederer
Copyright 2011)

 TDQ: Since readers haven’t had the opportunity to see the show yet, can you tell them a little bit about who your character is and what she’s like?

KCT: She’s Norman’s Language Arts teacher and she really sees something in him; his intelligence, his vulnerability and it really draws her to try and help him, maybe even she feels like she could save him from things she experienced herself. She’s definitely the teacher that goes above and beyond…she’s sweet, caring, empathetic, maybe a little troubled herself.

TDQ: What did you do/watch to prepare for the part of Miss Watson in  Bates Motel?

KCT: I spent a lot of time working on her back story and finding reasons why she’d be inclined to become so involved in Norman’s life. Creating backstory is one of the best and my favorite way to work through and really live a character.

TDQ: Other than Psycho, what is your favorite Hitchcock movie?

Keegan Connor Tracy

Keegan Connor Tracy (Image Credit: Brice Ferre)

KCT: The Birds scared the heck outta me as a kid.

TDQ: Who or what has impressed you the most on the set of Bates Motel?

KCT: Vera Farmiga had me transfixed with those crazy blue eyes and her amazing delivery. I was mesmerized.

TDQ: Do you have any other new projects lined up after Bates Motel wraps?

KCT: As a matter if fact, I’m off to shoot Words and Pictures with Clive Owen and Juliette Binoche!  Bliss – two actors whose work I’ve admired. Can’t wait to talk Paris avec Juliette!

C’est magnifique!  Thank you Keegan for answering our questions and good luck with the new film, we’ll be sure to cover it when it releases in the next couple of years.  Be sure to read my preview article of Bates Motel and check back here for recaps and commentary when the show airs starting March 18th at 10:00pm on A&E.  



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