JewelMint Jewelry (Image Credit: JewelMint)

Why is the jewel of my eye!

JewelMint Jewelry (Image Credit: JewelMint)

JewelMint Jewelry (Image Credit: JewelMint)

Imagine this: a virtual jewelry store filled with beautiful hand-crafted pieces of unique on-trend jewelry inspired by runway fashions, and celebrity style, all picked for you by stylists according to your style profile; sounds too good to be true, right?

Well ladies, luckily for us, it does exist, and it is called Jewelmint. This unique website features designer-quality and style jewelry without the hefty price tag.

What is it?

When you first visit the website, prepare yourself to be amazed at the beauty that is JewelMint! This website is the brainchild of BeachMint company owners Diego Berdakin and MySpace co-founder Josh Berman, who worked together at Slingshot Labs. Each piece of jewelry is designed by actress Kate Bosworth and her stylist Cher Coulter, is exclusive to the site and starts at $29.99 USD a piece. It is a similar model to the way Shoedazzle works.

How does it work?

After perusing the website, you can take a short and simple quiz to find your ‘style profile.’ After that you will be taken to you virtual showroom, where you will find pieces hand-picked for you by their stylists matching your style profile. You will have to enter your credit card information, but will not be charged until you buy your first piece. After you have fallen in love with their jewelry selections, and make your first purchase you are enrolled in their monthly membership and will be charged the $29.99 USD fee every month. However, if you are not loving your selections, or can’t afford to make a purchase this month, then you can simply login and hit the tab that says ‘skip the month’ and as long as you skip before the 5th of the month, then you will not be charged. If life catches up to you and you simply forget to skip, then you will be charged and granted a credit, which can be combined and used at anytime as long as they are used within a year.

Kate Bosworth for JEWELMINT (Image Credit: JewelMint)

Kate Bosworth for JEWELMINT (Image Credit: JewelMint)

Why you should join immediately…after you finish reading this of course!

I have been a member on Jewelmint for almost two years now, and while I will admit that initially the pieces were not exactly to my liking, I can now say that I have seen an improvement! I love jewelry that has character and I love having unique and beautiful pieces that I will cherish for years to come, and the selection on Jewelmint certainly never fails to impress. Initially I was a little skeptical on the quality of the jewelry I would be receiving, and was expecting something along the lines of Forever21 quality-wise; but I found that each piece was beautifully crafted, has not tarnished, and none of the jewels have fallen out or gone missing. I have a little bit of every piece of jewelry: rings, necklaces, and even earrings, which were the real test for me, since I tend to react badly to cheaply made earrings, but so far none of them have made me react in a negative way! I know that I have received countless compliments whenever I wear a Jewelmint piece, and I never leave the house without wearing at least one piece from my newly found collection of their pieces. So what ware you waiting for? Go out their and try some pieces for yourself, but be prepared to garner a whole lot of compliments and be the envy of all of your less style-savvy friends.



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