‘Game of Thrones’ Deaths Ranked from Most Upsetting to Most Satisfying

(Image Credit: HBO)

(Image Credit: HBO)

Game of Thrones loves nothing more than killing off its characters. There have been literally too many slaughters to count. However, no matter how numb you might have become to a bloody battle scene, there are always some characters’ deaths that really hit you hard. Here is our rating of Game of Thrones deaths from most upsetting to most celebration-worthy.

A word of caution… do not read ahead unless you’ve seen season 6!


  1. Hodor – There wasn’t a single Thrones fan out there who wasn’t in mourning for at least a full week after this death. Until his last moment, Hodor was loyal to Bran and just kept holding that door.


  1. The Red Wedding (Talisa, Robb & Catelyn Stark) – The Red Wedding was completely shocking and brutal and…red. Watching pregnant Talisa with her proud new husband, Robb, get stabbed to death was beyond horrible.


  1. Jon Snow – I think we all know that this would be number one on the list if he didn’t get another chance at life thanks to the Red Woman. What would Winterfell do without their King in the North?


  1. Ned Stark – Nothing against Ned Stark, but this death was definitely more upsetting because of the effect on his family. Watching the terrible little King Joffrey use his power to kill Sansa’s father was so aggravating to watch.


  1. Khal Drogo – Yes, Khal has his faults, but watching him and Khaleesi (Daenerys Targaryen/Mother of Dragons/whichever title you prefer) suffer through his slow death together was pretty awful.


  1. Tommen Baratheon – Cersei is the worst. She thought she could go ahead and kill her own son’s wife without consequence? Think again. Another child lost.


  1. Margaery Tyrell – Again…. Cersei is the worst. She could have at least spared Margaery from the wildfire.


  1. Ygritte – Poor Jon Snow. No matter how much tension (and however many times they tried to kill one another) stood between him and Ygritte, there was no denying their love. Her dying in his arms was definitely a tear-jerking moment.


  1. ShaeJust as Tyrion attempts to get the woman he loves out of harm’s way, he finds her in bed with his father, is almost killed by her, and then murders her out of self defense. Bringing me to my next death…


  1. Tywin Lannister – We all were cheering for Tyrion when he finally got revenge against his murderous father. Blood can only go so far when there is that much hate within a family.


  1. Viserys Targaryen – His ego certainly got the best of him. Being killed by your prized crown with your sister observing totally unphased is definitely the biggest slap in the face possible.


  1. The High Sparrow – He might have meant well at times, but it’s good to see him and his not-so-nice religious ways go. King’s Landing had seen more than enough torture inflicted by him.


  1. The Waif – She derived so much pleasure from beating on Arya, that any ending other than death-by-Arya would not have been sufficient. She’ll now forever hold a spot in the hall of faces.


  1. King Joffrey – If he wasn’t a child of Cersei’s, it would seem unbelievable that a boy his age could be so evil. His murder scene was one of the best. Who knew watching someone choke to death could be so pleasing?


  1. Ramsay Bolton – This was by far the most awaited, most deserving death of the show thus far. Ramsay was cruel to everyone and everything that crossed his path. Not only did we get the satisfaction of Sansa being responsible for his death, but his own dogs were the ones to tear him apart. Nothing could be better.


Which Thrones deaths made you tear up a little, which made you jump for joy, and which are you just dying to see happen?


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