Everything I Ever Needed to Know I learned from… ‘Clueless’

CLUELESS (Image Credit: Paramount)

CLUELESS (Image Credit: Paramount)

All my ‘90s girls out there know that, before the Mean Girls wave crashed in, there came Clueless, brought to you by the most loveable fictional character of all time, Cher Horowitz (Alicia Silverstone), duh.

A teeny-bopper classic, we’ve watched this one at least 20 times throughout high school. It was a go-to movie for all our slumber parties. But what makes it timeless (other than the smokin’ cutie, Paul Rudd) lies in the lessons it leaves with us long after that last, sweet, swoon-worthy kiss.


I mean first of all, what other movie says straight out what your high school BFF should clearly be.


Don’t stop being as picky about your mate as you are with your shoes. But it’s natural to feel lonely. Even Cher has her moments of forever alone-ness.


And when you do find your Mr. Right and have him over, you know what to do:


And this…


Though probably not this…


But on that note, if he’s drop-dead gorgeous and dresses better than you, take it from Cher, there’s a good chance he’s probably gay. Be strong girl, we’re here for you.


We even get a few Renaissance art lessons from Cher:


Not to mention a couple of “way harsh” insults…

can't drive

What’s hilarious is that when Brittany Murphy did this movie, she was a virgin.

And she couldn’t drive.

But the most important chord-striking message of the movie is given to us right in its name. It’s alright not to know what you’re doing all the time. It’s perfectly normal to feel Clueless. It’s all a part of growing up.


Clueless is a necessarily cheesy reminder to be yourself, follow your heart, and remember that there’s more to life than popularity and matching plaid suits.


But hey now, where’s our hottie stepbrother, Josh?

Originally posted November 6, 2013

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