Iggy Azalea (Image Credit: Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images for Guinness)

Top 5 Females Currently Ruling the Music Industry

Iggy Azalea (Image Credit: Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images for Guinness)

Iggy Azalea (Image Credit: Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images for Guinness)

We have somehow made it almost half way through 2014, and the year has thus far been quite a successful one for a number of female musicians. From new, up-and-coming artists to those who have already earned names for themselves, women of the music scene have been producing tons of amazing tunes for your listening pleasure. These are five that you should be keeping an eye (and ear) out for.

Iggy Azalea

Originally from Australia, Iggy Azalea has taken the music world by storm over the past couple of years. The former model is quickly gaining even greater popularity in the hip-hop scene, with her stunning looks and unique sound. She has held the number one and two slots on iTunes top singles, collaborating with Ariana Grande on “Problem,” and her first song to hit the Billboard Hot 100, “Fancy.”

Miley Cyrus

If there’s one celebrity talked about the most right now, it would probably have to be Miley Cyrus. However scandalous she may get, the girl knows how to make waves and get publicity going. That isn’t to say, though, that her music isn’t up to par. Regardless of your opinion on her endless twerking, it’s undeniable that Miley has tons of vocal talent along with being an incredibly successful performer.


At only 17 years old, New Zealand’s biggest musical talent has gained an enormous amount of fame worldwide. Lorde came onto the music scene in 2012 and by 2013 had her single “Royals” make it to number one on the Billboard Hot 100. She has continued to produce songs well received by the masses, and has also teamed up with MAC Cosmetics to release a makeup line that will be available this summer.

Lana Del Rey

It seems almost impossible to have the radio on for more than 20 minutes without hearing Lana Del Rey’s “Summertime Sadness,” and with good reason. Ever since her appearance on The Great Gatsby soundtrack, Lana’s powerful voice has taken over the airwaves. However, her song “Video Games” back in 2011 is what got her noticed by the masses, and she hasn’t slowed down since.


Although she has been in the music industry far longer than the rest of these artists, Beyoncé’s fame is by no means fading. Her self-titled visual album Beyoncé, unexpectedly released in Dec. 2013, earned her a fifth consecutive number-one album spot. She and Jay-Z, the power couple of the century, also just announced their summer tour. Tickets are on sale now, so make sure you snag your seat soon.

Watch out for these vocalists, along with plenty of other female artists currently making music. There is some serious talent out there that you won’t want to miss!

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